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Friday 3 May 2002

While the political and your allied had a good time in your Social democrat Forum World Championship (FWS/FSM) the (RGS)Rio Grande do Sul’s anarchistic federaction, with the pro-reorganization action active support of the Brasilian Worker’s Confederation(FORGS-FOSP/COB-AIT), it accomplished the "PROTEST FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES AGAINST ALL POVERTY: The ELECTORAL FARCE, The UNEMPLOYMENT, The IMF And ALL OF THE GOVERNMENTS".

Porto Alegre’s center, transformed in catwalk for the midiatic coverage of the parades of the political parties, it didn’t show the stage more appropriated for a libertarian manifestation. Our letters and bands, that had been agglutinated since the final of 2001, as approached the beginning of the FWS were going being plucked and sabotaged.

This repression culminated with the "theft" mounted by the brigadianos (local police)of our car, cellular phone, pamphlets, collage letters and material, beyond of wallets, addresses documents and notebooks withdrawn of the activists pockets of FORGS. But, if such attitude intended to break our legs, they made a mistake of evaluation that, decreased, didn’t finish with our activity, includes thanks to solidarity inside the RGS’s own anarchistic action. For these and others it decided to summon the ACT AGAINST The IMF for the periphery by canoes, city worker of Grande Porto Alegre.


Having decided to concentrate our divulgement of the ACT in Canoas and others cities of the big PoA(like São Leopoldo, Sapucaia, Esteio, etc) invest in the poor populations of the periphery and with them we prefer to stay.

Thus, relying on the support from the Radio "Espacial/FM" "space free FM", of the Community Association location and of more than 20 bands, they that were disposed to take part and divulge, the event PROTEST AGAINST ALL POVERTY if it held in Guajuviras, proletary tradition district passing through a chronic unemployment serious crisis of your population and with an invasion and occupation tradition by the homeless. The Act was going divulged for local newspapers of Canoas and São Leopoldo and for a debate, accomplished in night of 02/02, of the 20:30 the 22:00 hs., in the "Espacial/FM" radio about "Elections or Union Organization Free, As the Workers Fight Against the Poverty". Besides the calls in the air, by the Space radio FM since Wednesday, 30/01/02.

Held in the "Gruta de Guajuviras", area of community Association leisure Our lady Aparecida", arboreous and walled for occupations, where quietly they could if it manifests more than 10000 people, the ACT started the 14:00 hours, with the high discourses and the presentation of the first band FIN OF SHARK, whose drummer would go working still in this Sunday. Before go down of the stage made a point of reinforce the ACT opening speech that reivindicated the revolutionary syndicalism retaking, the reorganization of COB/BWC and the null vote in the nexts elections for president of the country, governors, senators and deputies.

This went to tonic of the ACT AGAINST ALL POVERTY: no partidarism reinforced by the CAMPAIGN release NATIONAL BY THE NULL VOTE, DOESN’T SUSTAIN PARASITES!, critical to the IMF, to the unemployment, to the salary squeeze, to the globalizated capitalism and to the State. On the other hand the action diffusion by COB’s reorganization and of the anarchism principles, next to the proposed of construction of a true Anarkyst Federation from Rio Grande do Sul (Federação Anarquista do Rio Grande Southern) , they were going placed like practily form of work for the capitalism destruction. The Campaign National By the Null Vote was going begun through the t-shirt release "VOTES VOID, NOT SUSTAINN PARASITES!", Having Raul Seixas, a libertary poppular poet in her printed, bending the t-shirt with the same words, for the campaign electoral for president in 1989, with the registration "ANARCHIST TILL THE END", subscript by the: FORGS-FOSP/COB-AIT, COLETIVO LIBERTÁRIO and Raul ROCK CLUB.

Around 15:30 hs. the ACT relied already on the presence of more than 1000 people, most inhabitants of Guajuviras, besides children dozens that played and they danced, shaking without stoping. The bands went if alternating, each one then reaffirming the libertarian character of the event. They thus were introducing itself "The AUNT OF CLÉBER", "BRAKES HEAD", "YRMANDADE CATRAIA", "LAND And WATER", "B612", "DEBRAY-MENITEM", "GRAVITY ZERO"(that wrote the music "I Don’t am going to Vote in Nobody!"), "FOOTPATH", "DELTA 9", "TRAMOIA", "CONTENT ALCOHOLIC" and "UNITED BY THE HATRED".

Between a band and other integrant of the pro-COB/AIT action of the pro-federation Anarkist of RGS and of the inhabitants of the area, they alternated letting their messages anticapitalists, antipolítics and of critical to the FSM of the PT( Workers Party), in Porto Alegre.

During the ACT were distributed the manifest of the ACT, entitled: FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES; a pamphlet against FSM entitled: DAVOS And POA, TWO SAME CAPITALISM and copies FACSIMILES of the COLETIVO LIBERTÁRIO, numbers 36 and 37, that boarded themes as the murder of Carlo Giuliani, the war imperialist against Afghanistan, critical to the IMF and the ALCA and of anarchistic social or economic ideas diffusion, like: autonomy, federalism, autogestion, direct action, anti-rascism, by the freedom of Múmia Abu-Jamal and by the null vote; beyond of copies of UÍVO/ZINE, of poeticer fund and cultural, that divulged the direct action, the solidarity and the Campaign By the A day’s work Reduction for 6 HOURS DAILY/30 HS WEEKLY, called by FORA/ACAT in the decade of 1920 and assumed by the pro-FORGS action-FOSP/COB-AIT.

The ACT finished around 22:15 hs. with one improvisation between libertarians musicians Guajuviras’, with bands weren’t with the complete formation for if introduce, and that from last hour united and went up to the stage to give your message. The closing was in this free improvisation spirit, with musicians dozens and activist on stage singing "Alternative Society", of Raul Seixas, stuffed of rebels speeches and revolt, for more than 250 people that still remained in the location, although darkness, of the cold and of the lack of transportation for the ones that had to if it dislocates for others cities. As the ACT had a long duration, more out of the eight followed hours, there was a big rotativity of public. Thus evaluate that if public’s peak if it kept of about 15:30 until some 20:00 hs. in about 1000 people, at least 3000 participated in some moment directly his, and more than 5000 people took contact through flashes, in the coverage live by the personnel of the "Spacial FM", according with your own evaluation, reaching inclusive the periphery of some cities and towns workers nexts.

In the same way, like less of half the bands, they that were disposed in a first moment to support the initiative, they hadn’t had could if it introduces, stays manteined the manifestations continuity proposal inside this axis: no parties, free organization union and of the Campaign by the NULL VOTE. All this inside of the FEDERATION ANARCHIST organization proposal Do Rio Grande do Sul, big promoter and stimulating of all this, and that already starts to be born of the concrete action and not obscurated talks of between leaderships.

Anarchosyndicalists Greetings. Fábio Luz by FORGS/COB-ACAT-AIT

Manifest of the ’ACT AGAINST The IMF’

called by the ’pro- Federação Anarkista do Rio Grande do Sul’ in the peripheric region of the big Porto Alegre, with the support from PROFOSP/COB-AIT for Sunday 03/02/02, with the insignia: PROTEST AGAINST ALL THE POVERTIES ( The FARCE ELECTORAL, The IMF And ALL OF THE GOVERNMENTS)


At this time, 03/02/02, the IMF bankers they are gathering itself in New York, USA, to decide how many of us are going to die of hunger, fall into desemployed, without hope, in the poverty... which ones countries will be going have their economies broken by the capitalism profit rage globalization.

But they won’t have calmness, is there manifesting itself the internationailist solidarity of the working class, as it was since Seattle/99 (USA) and same after the young Italian anarchist coward murder of Carlo Giuliani, in Gênova (20/07/01).

We are here uniting our voice to the of the demonstrators in New York, as well as in several world cities, in a PROTEST AGAINST ALL THE POVERTIES: The ELECTORAL FARCE, The IMF, The UNEMPLOYMENT, The SQUEEZE SALARY And AGAINST ALL OF THE GOVERNMENTS. We are here for screem:STOP OF ALL OPPRESSION And OF ALL EXPLORATION!

The political parties gather in the Social Forum World (FSM), in Porto Alegre, with your ode electoral promising changes for after the victory in the urns. But we know that thus anything dumb! We want the right to live already!

It arrives from lies and illusions!

The vote is a bourgeoisie’s lure to legitimate the your Power, besides dividing the workers. Because of this we call everybody to VOTE VOID, it arrives OF SUSTAINING PARASITES!

Only our own organization in the locations of work and dwelling, as well as the retaking of the true syndicalism, on the other side of these public partitions that work with political springboard for your directors, it is just that they can be our instruments for we destroy that that there you are and so that conquer our right to live in a society of equal and free, without oppression neither poverty.


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