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Saturday 22 February 2003

Since the death of the dictator Felix Houphouet-Boigny, the pretenders to the throne of the Ivory Coast are legion and use all the stratagems and dubious ideologies to seize power: republicanism, ivoirity (national preference), or death squads, attacks...

With the attempt at a coup d’etat on the 19 September, 2002, one can think that Gbagbo (the new despot, elected official with difficulty in October 2000) would not be today be in power without the assistance of Chirac. It should be said that Houphouet-Boigny knew well to sell the Côte.d’ivoire during his reign. Racketeers (primarily French) for a long time invested in juicy markets with the help of their military and financial support for the dictator. Agricultural products (coffee, cocoa, cotton) especially interest the French. Manufactured goods are sold in all West Africa, where they very often constitute the only alternative to the more expensive French products. Then, to paralyse the economy of the Côte d’ivoire, is to touch that of the whole sub-region. For example, since the failed coup d’etat missed in Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso suffers a oil shortage for motorcycles - the most used means of transport by the population, which is not without consequences. The current crisis is significant, it shows the race of the despots for power but also the dominating role of the French State in Africa. Today the Cote d’Ivoire is again returned to war, it is France which referees, which says "who does what" and "with whom" (Agreement of Marcoussis, January 2003). In the event of dissension, it kills (30 Ivorians were killed by French soldiers on January 6, 2003). During this time, the African people live in misery, unemployment, lacking water and food, with limited access to health care and education... Vis-a-vis that, resourcefulness and mutual aid are the bases of survival. The popular revolts are also very numerous: student demonstrations which denounce corruption, demonstrations of districts against expulsions, the cuts of water and electricity. Each African knows that he risks his life while going in the street. How many dead and wounded to leave this misery and to denounce corruption? Nobody makes the calculation! It should be noted that they do not ask for voting rights, nobody died for this con trick! Those in power, it doesn’t matter which ideology they are, are not content with filling their pockets, keep their compatriots in a hole. They racketeer, imprison, torture and kill any person acting publicly for the right to live in dignity. "Social peace" is necessary to capitalism, and as the life of an African is not worth anything... France supported all the dictators and African presidents, and is thus accessory to all their crimes. Today it is a new turn which is taken with the xenophobia which is spreading across the Côte d’ivoire. The "foreigners" are once again a safety-valve for economic problems. One needs a culprit for misery; then fashion indicates a "Dioula", a "Burkinabé" (just like in France it is no good being "Arab" or "Gypsy"). Let us stop following blindly and refuse the war in Côte d’ivoire! We revolt against the tyrants!



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