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Capitalism rules the Planet and exploit the world : here we suffer, everywhere they die.

Sunday 13 April 2003

War in Irak didn’t begin the 19th of march 2003. War in the "middle east" is a juicy bizness since many years. Thanks to the weapons sold by France and western countries, millions of people died during the Iran-Irak war and Kurds of Halabja have been gazed by Saddam Hussein. Then, it was the fisrt Gulf War in 1991 and its 300 000 of dead people, and then the embargo which caused 500 000 more dead children. All of that has been done with the total support of the politician class, form the left to the right.

In Colombian, in Ivory Coast, in Algeria, in Irak, and almost every were infact, civil populations are slaughtered by militaries.


So called "democratic states", as France or USA, don’t wait to know what we think about to begin to kill and massacre. What really interests those states, it is Profit, and social order that makes it possible. It explains why they choose who will be the next dictators in Africa, in Middle East or in Latin America. UN won’t change anything about it : UN is only the gathering of the representatives of those States ! The proof of that : all the "brave good" UN resolutions and all its humanitairan bla-blah didn’t save Rwanda from genocid, nor they opposed the Belgrade bombing nor it actually obstructs the slaughtering of Palestinians and Tchetchens.

"Democracy" or dictature, capitalism is war.


In Great Britain, railway workers refused to carry weapons. In Italy, demonstrators blocquaded trains. In Irland, pacifists invaded military airports to stop airplanes taking off.

Generally speaking, if we want to stop wars we have to paralyse the economic machine. Capitalist system needs us to produce and to carry everything is necessary to its wars. But us, we don’t need it ! To cancel war, we have to abolish capitalism.

Against any war, against State and capitalism, Promote international solidarity !

Organize ourselves,

Boycott and close-down of the war and death industries,

Desertion ! insubordination !


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