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Monday 23 May 2005

You are decided to fight to improve your conditions of life,

You want to get organized without being allowed get back by politicians,

You stand by those who, as you:

-  refuse to lower(dim) arms in front of the boss,

-  refuse to resign themselves in front of a cruel and absurd economic system,

-  refuse to be allowed deceive by professionals of the politics(policy), syndicates and, associations

You have the hope to build a better world, where the wealth are distributed according to needs, in a world without war nor border.


The C.N.T. - A.I.T. joins together women and men who fight on the base against the exploitation, the misery and the lies of the politicians.

The C.N.T. - A.I.T. federates (unites) at the national plan of the persons grouped together according to the anarcho-union principles to fight in companies, districts, places of learning.

The C.N.T. - A.I.T. donot participate to elections (neither political nor professional), does not ask for subsidies. It is totally independent from powers. The C.N.T. - A.I.T. is a fighting organization on the economic and social ground



Every individual, every group which aims at fighting against capitalism and its accomplice - State - should know that its force stands at first in himself.

In front of the power of the bosses and the politicians, the independence is nothing without the union and the solidarity. That is why each has the word to be said.

The variety, the independence, the solidarity, the will, the intercorporatism, are a part of basic values of the anarcho-syndicalism from which we fight for another future.

OUR HOMELAND, IT IS THE WORLD! The C.N.T is an anarcho-union organization. She(it) federates so on the national plan of the local syndicates grouped together(included) in regional Unions. But the exploitation exceeds the frame of the borders.

That is why the C.N.T is itself member within the A.I.T. with the anarcho-union organizations which, in countries as different as Spain, Australia or Brazil lead the same fight.

Locally, the activists of the C.N.T.-A.I.T who work in the same place meet themselves in union lodge. There are sections in different activities ( public or private sector).

The CNT privileges the intercorporatism because all the employees, in activity or not, face the same attacks. It is any sets(groups), public, private and precarious and holders, employees and unemployed persons, that we should fight.


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