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Friday 13 December 2002

The IWA-Secretariat hereby appeals to the Sections and Friends of the IWA to speed up the work against the capitalist wars in general, and specifically against the coming war against Iraq. Military "experts" expect the main air attacks to start in either December 2002, January 2003 or February 2003.

The first critical period is after December the 8th when Iraq is required to state their weapons program and whether they have weapons of mass destruction. There are strong forces inside the Bush administration that want to start the war in mid December before the large number of UN weapons inspectors are rolling into Iraq in the end of the year. The justification is as follows: If the Iraqis say they have weapons of mass destruction, that`s a "material breach", and if they say that they don`t, the US will say it`s a false statement.

Anyway, either the war starts in December or January /February the IWA and its Sections and Friends must speed up the preparations by:

1. Examining the economical interests of the war and take action against profiting companies.
2. Making appeals to oil-workers of not accepting speed up in oil production during a new Gulf War
3. Making preparations for general strikes/ actions against the war in case of an attack against Iraq.

Oslo the 2nd of December 2002

Anarchosyndicalist greetings
from the IWA-Secretariat


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