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Trial against anti-deportation activists in Belgium

Saturday 11 October 2003

On October 22, 26 people in Belgium will have to appear in court because they destroyed a detention centre and prisoner transport vans. You can sign a solidarity declaration at


It was an act of resistance against politics like the suffocation of Semira Adamu during deportation on September 22, 1998, the collective deportation of 74 Roma on October 4, 1999, and the everyday imprisonment and violent deportation of undocumented foreigners.

After the murder of Semira Adamu, the ministre of interior blamed the Collective Against Deportation for this crime. Consequently, the acting police officers have not been tried yet (and the responsible never will be), but the Collective is. This is clearly a political trial.

We confirm our solidarity with the Collective’s action. We reject an "immigration policy" by arrest and deportation. We denounce the reality of Fortress Europe. We want the end of the proceedings against the activists, the truth about Semira Adamu’s death, and the condemnation of the responsible persons in politics and police.


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